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Stegpegz are the brainwave of Stephen Smith from Yarraman, an A grade motocross rider who has won the Queensland Championships and Shell Series.

The way the Stegpegz work are they bolt on to the area where the subframe meets the mainframe of the bike behind your calf muscle, the idea is that when standing up the rear of your boot contacts with the rubber Stegpegz and gives your upper body stability while accelerating and riding over rough terrain, this also takes a lot of pressure off your arms and shoulders as you can literally leans back onto the Stegpegz.

We have found that they actually make you want to stand up more and also they can help alleviate the rear wheel kicking in the air of jumps and rough sharp stutters.

Stand-up slides around corners and even carrying the front wheel while sliding through the corner and standing up at the same time becomes far easier.

These are the must have accessory for any motocross, trail or enduro rider.


This model of Sidi boots may be one of the more expensive boots on the market but as they say you get what you pay for, the double hinged ankle gives more mobility for changing gears and breaking.

The comfort of the Boots is second to none and even a brand-new set will not be noticed on the first few rides.

The protection of the Sidi Flex boot is absolutely brilliant in all areas from the top of the boot to the tow, proof of this is when a 950 Adventure landed fair and square on the whole lower leg and only some minor muscle sprain was encountered.


These racks are designed and built locally and are designed to take either the Andy Strapz bags or the Wolfman saddlebags.

Saddlebags are a far safer and less cumbersome product to use on adventure bikes than the massive alloy and plastic boxes that are not only too wide to go through a lot of narrow areas but are also dangerous when doing dabs in sandy conditions or if you are unlucky enough to have the bike fall on you.

We make them for every adventure bike on the market that we sell as well as the Suzuki DR650.


These little numbers are a neat and tidy round screw on wheel weights that can be reused over and over again whenever you fit a new tyre.

Balancing of wheels is super important for just about every bike be on road or dirt, if you have ever encountered a vibration feeling that comes and goes when riding on either gravel roads or bitumen roads, then that is your wheel out of balance and in extreme situations this actually causes the wheel to bounce off the road.

Unbalanced wheels also cause excessive wear to one half of the tyre, for the smoother feel of the bike a small amount of money for the wheel weights is well spent.


If you're sick of continually getting flat tyres, fit a pair of Bridgestone or Michelin ultra heavy duty tubes, these combined with 14 to 15 PSI on any dirtbike will pretty well guarantee that flat tyres are a thing of the past.

In some really wet conditions we have sometimes that the tyres down to 8 PSI and then continued to ride for the rest of the weekend and still not encounter a flat tyre.


If you are having trouble standing up while riding a bike especially if you are a ride over approximately 5'9", then try fitting a set of bar rises, this makes it that you are not so hunched over on the bike and make standing up in actual pleasure rather than a chore.


Combine the bar rises with a set of these foot pegs which can be set in either the standard height position or a position approximately 10 mm lower than standard and you will get a more comfortable spaced out sitting position and also a far more comfortable standing position, these foot pegs also have a wider platform that is more comfortable to stand up on.


The FI FILTER PURGE KIT is an easily installed computerised part, that tests so far have revealed to keep your fuel filters clean indefinitely.
Fitting instructions included. (See instructions here)
Now includes a genuine KTM plug with the kit!...
Valued at $270 AUD plus freight.

The EFI Filter Purge Unit will fit straight to the KTM990 Adventure simply by unplugging your fuel pump power wires, and plugging the unit in to the KTM wiring harness.
Then fix the unit under the battery box by zip tie and attach the power wire to the positive terminal and your ready for the bad fuel of Outback Australia.

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    MECHANIC/TECHNICIAN WITH EITHER QUALIFICATIONS OR SOME EXPERIENCE for working on mainly motorcycles and quad bikes. Dalby Moto requires the services of a person who has the ability to work on and also learn about Honda, Yamaha, KTM and Toro Zero turn mowers. For the right applicant we would also consider a mature age apprenticeship or completion of motorcycle apprenticeship if the applicant is in that position. Dalby Moto has a good workshop with plans of expansion in the next 12 months. Applicant must be able to work in a team environment and work unsupervised where required. Please email  chartley@dalbymoto.com.au or call 0428621211.

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