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Dalby Moto has been servicing the man on the land for the 27 years Craig and Robyn Hartley have owned the business, plus another 15 years on top of that under the name of Dalby Ag N Vet, giving Dalby Moto a combined history of over 43 years.

Craig recalls when the very first Yamaha and Suzuki four wheelers were released in 1985 with no suspension whatsoever, how times have changed with many of the new models having power steering and fully independent suspension combined with fuel injection.

Dalby Moto has built its client base up by giving good honest country service and advice with competitive deals and a high quality of service through their workshop along with attending country shows and major field days in South Queensland.

The Dalby based company has  recently implemented a two year warranty offer on all new two and fourwheeled motorcycles sold to the agricultural industry, this has been prompted by Craig in an effort to be even more competitive and give you better service over some of the new foreign brands coming into Australia and is only available at Dalby Moto

When it comes to 2 wheel motorcycles, many of the setup procedures the team at Dalby Moto use on their own trail and competition bikes are offered to their clients so the bikes are more suitable for the Australian conditions.

The Sales Team at Dalby Moto will always qualify you to ensure you get the right machine for the purpose you have in mind, and will back that up with a guarantee that if you are not happy with your buy, you can contact us within 72 hours of purchase and exchange it for a machine more to your liking.

C-Dax spot spray equipment and boom sprays are the favoured equipment to fit to four wheelers at Dalby Moto as C-Dax have many more features than any of the other spray equipment available on the market, tanks come in three different options for spot spray, as well as different pump sizes and control combinations for different size booms.

C-Dax also supply brimmed safety helmets for ATV use as well as bulbar kits, seat covers and rubber mats for carriers.

The technicians at Dalby Moto are all very well trained and have a lot of experience with working on different model four wheelers, all service work at Dalby Moto is guaranteed against workmanship faults.

YMF finance company often have low-interest finance deals available on a lot of their four wheeler and two wheeler motorcycles, contact Liz for all your finance enquiries. 

To receive updates on new models and promotion offers on the Honda and Yamaha range, please feel free to enter your e-mail address in the subscribe section, we promise we will not bombard you with any rubbish.




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Franco Ambrosio on Dalby Moto :

For fear of adding another email to your inbox, it must be said that you're an exceptional human being. 
I must be one of thousands upon thousands of customers/riders demanding your time/expertise and you have never failed to deliver: 

(1)discussing my dream 690 setup for hours in person at your shop and the bike show as well as by phone/email; 

(2)spending your day off seeing if the 950SE tank would fit the 690R frame without my even having bought the bike yet; 

(3)delivering my 690 in the middle of the night all the way from Dalby gratis then still giving me a complete handover; 

(4)sorting out my warranty claim pronto; 

(5)giving me an awesome itinerary to Barossa via Wilpena I wouldn't have otherwise tried.

I'll say it again: Dalby Moto is the very best!

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