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March 2017 -  Nicholas & Beate on their BMW R1100R

Beate and myself are now in Launceston at the end of the Tasmanian leg of our trip. Tomorrow we’ll take the ferry back to the mainland. The BMW R1100R has been going great - no problems! Thank you and the guys so much, you were such great help to make it all possible. Trip has been fantastic with no rain so far, which is very lucky.

Wishing you all the best and see you next time we are in Dalby!

 Nicholas  Beate BMW1100R

       Nicholas and Beate


Here is the proof that anybody can ride adventure and rally.

Graham Hickson on the APC 4 Day Rally :

Hi John and Craig,

I had a great time on the 4 day APC rally and believe you are on a winner with this concept.

My purpose on going on the ride was to gain more experience as an Adventure rider and your course definitely fulfilled my objective. I know I am now a lot better rider than when I started on the Rally even though I know I still have a long way to go. I am 65, and am resigned to the fact that I will never achieve the skills and abilities that you and the more experienced riders have. Your bloody amazing the way you can throw those big bikes around !!!!

The fact that the course was a GPS course enabled me to travel within my own ability without holding other more experienced riders up or having me ride outside my ability or comfort zone to try and keep up. Great concept and I will invest in a better GPS before the next rally, also a spot tracker.

The photo's on your web site were terrific and I have made a couple of mates envious that they didn't participate and I know that they will be there for the next one.

Keep up the concept for adventure riders, with technical sections to challenge the newcomers such as myself. The trail bike riders may be looking for something more challenging but they are a different group with different goals.

My congratulations to you and Craig for running such a professional and enjoyable ride.

See ya next time,

Graham Hickson.

Click here to see some awesome APC 4 Day Rally Photos!

Franco Ambrosio on Dalby Moto :

For fear of adding another email to your inbox, it must be said that you're an exceptional human being.

I must be one of thousands upon thousands of customers/riders demanding your time/expertise and you have never failed to deliver:

(1)discussing my dream 690 setup for hours in person at your shop and the bike show as well as by phone/email;

(2)spending your day off seeing if the 950SE tank would fit the 690R frame without my even having bought the bike yet;

(3)delivering my 690 in the middle of the night all the way from Dalby gratis then still giving me a complete handover;

(4)sorting out my warranty claim pronto;

(5)giving me an awesome itinerary to Barossa via Wilpena I wouldn't have otherwise tried.

I'll say it again: Dalby Moto is the very best!

Bruce McDonnell on Dalby Moto :

Hi Craig,

I tried to get in touch several times by phone - but was unsuccessful. I just wanted to sincerely thank you for your efforts, and persistence, in finally getting a winch and tow bar for my Z800.

The best I can do in return, is to give a recommendation to deal with you, to all those I talk to about the products that you sell. It is not often these days, that you find someone who is prepared to go the extra yards to achieve a proper outcome for a customer. You are such a person - and I am truly grateful for all your help.

Once again many thanks to you and your team - especially Lawrie (I hope I spelt his name right), for his great customer service and communication.

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